The Best Beauty Buys on a Budget: Skincare

I’ve been asked many times by clients the best way to get amazing looking skin – on a budget. Everyone wants the best for their skin, but most (myself included) don’t want to have to take out a second mortgage to fund their skincare needs. I’ve personally tried a whole heap of products from different brands (high street and high end), however none of them were quite right. Like quite a lot of you, I have combination skin. For me, this means my skin can be very dry and dull, and very oily and shiny. Finding a good skincare routine for me became difficult – I was switching between several different products, half of which claimed to be mattifying, the other half were supposed to hydrate and brighten my skin. This routine just really wasn’t working for me. My skin became very unhappy and had a tantrum in the form of breakouts. So I decided something had to be done…

I was in Boots with my sister, and I decided to have a little look at the products they had on offer. I usually don’t buy anything without having read reviews on it, however when I saw this range I just couldn’t resist, and I couldn’t be happier with my spontaneous decision. Introducing, the Botantics range from boots.

I picked up several products from the ‘All Bright’ range. As I mentioned previously, my skin can get super dull and dry, and with winter seemingly never ending (seriously July, what’s with your weather?!) I felt this would be the best range to try. This range was also half price at the time, even better for a budget shopper!

  • Firstly I got the ‘Cleansing Foam Wash’. This is amazing. It gently cleanses impurities, removing any last traces of make up. It leaves your face feeling cleansed but not dehydrated. The Cleansing Foam Wash is soap-free, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin too.

  • Then of course I had to pick up with ‘Purifying Face Scrub’ too. Again, amazing. This provides a slightly deeper clean than the foam wash, and although you can use it daily I would always recommend having a break (eg. week on, week off). This scrub helps remove any dry skin patches and stubborn blackheads.

  • An essential part of any good skincare routine is moisturising. The ‘Hydrating Day Cream’ ticks all the boxes. With SPF 15, Hyaluronic Acid, and brightening hibiscus this product is an all round winner. It’s very hydrating, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, yet doesn’t create any extra shine. It’s also brightens, which means my horribly dull skin is now radiant, something I never thought I could achieve without the aid of make up. This range does have a Night Cream too, which I didn’t think was necessary for me.

  • Last but by no means least, the ‘Refreshing Eye Roll-On’ caught my eye. Working in the industry I do, leads to many very early mornings and several rather late nights. My eyes can get puffy and never really look ‘awake’ on those days. It suggests to use morning and night – I use it every night after moisturising as I really do find it refreshing after a long, hard day. I do find it takes a little while to ‘soak in’ so only use when necessary in the mornings, usually on my very early starts to reduce those dreaded bags!

All in all this range is AMAZING. Obviously I haven’t tried every single product, and haven’t branched out into the many other ranges from Botanics (they offer anything from mattifying to age defying) but from what I have tried… Just wow. Not only are they amazing products that do everything they say on the tin, but they are all paraben free, not tested on animals and the packaging is made from recycled materials. Win-win!

I would most definitely recommend trying them. Even without the amazing deal I happened to stumble across, these products are far from expensive. The products I bought were priced between £5-£10, and well worth every penny.

May your skin be as radiant as you are,

Taelor x

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