A Moment on the Lips… The Bright Edition

I am desperately clinging onto the last remnants of Summer. Those long summer evenings spent with great company and even greater wine; the warm, sunny weather that puts a smile on almost everyone’s faces; but most importantly – beautifully bright lipsticks. I have been loving wearing a splash of colour on my lips this Spring/Summer, it’s definitely something I intend on carrying into the Winter, whether Winter likes it or not.

High street – Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Pink Pong is amazing. The colour is a gorgeous pink with hints of purple. The lipstick’s super pigmented which means it really makes a statement, it lasts all day long – the perfect no fuss lipstick, and it has a wonderfully, non-drying matte finish. An all round goodie!

High end – Mac’s Candy Yum-Yum. A recent purchase for me but one I’ve certainly not regretted. I picked this up in the airport as I was after something ‘brighter’ than the Pink Pong. Candy Yum-Yum is a beautifully creamy, super bright, long lasting lipstick. Can’t fault it!


High Street – Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer is something a bit different for me. I lurrrve matte lipsticks. I find them easier to wear and they tend to last longer. However, with this lip lacquer I have found something I love. It’s long lasting, has amazing pigmentation, and it’s a gloss finish! (wahoo finally a gloss I like!) The great thing about this is that even when the gloss starts to fade the colour stays strong so you can enjoy your evening without worrying about topping up. I own this in Big Bang and definitely intend on adding to my collection of these. 

High End – I’m a bit of a Mac-aholic when it comes to lipsticks, and there’s two reds which I absolutely adore. The first one is MAC red, this one holds a special place in my heart as it was my first MAC purchase. MAC red is a beautifully creamy, pinky toned red and is great for daytime. The second is Russian Red. Wow. This creates the iconic movie star Red Lip. It’s more blue in tone and is a lot stronger in colour. Russian Red is much more of a matte finish and is my go-to on a night out. 


High Street – Maybelline 24hr SuperStay… I have a love-hate relationship with this one. Yes it is super pigmented. Yes it lasts all night. Yes it is that perfect bright orange. However, as it really is SuperStay, I find that occasionally when I wear it, it can be a tad drying and sometimes even crack a little. I’d suggest this one if you’re only wearing for shorter periods of time. 

High End – MAC Morange, I did warn you about my unhealthy obsession with MAC lippies. A super pigmented, creamy, almost hydrating, bright orange. Great for a day-to-night make up look! 

As well as these staples, I have a few others which I love. I purchased Maybelline Color Drama ‘In With Coral’ on a whim, and boy I’m glad I did. It’s like a giant pencil/crayon, which surprisingly makes application super easy. In With Coral is a beautiful colour, the perfect peachy coral, and is highly pigmented. However the best thing about this lipstick is that you can put a tiny bit on and blend it in with your finger for a quick, fuss free pop of colour, or you can layer it up for a really eyecatching look. Fab!

Another I’d highly recommend would have to be MAC Relentlessly Red. It’s definitely a red lipstick, but with a pinky-coraly hue to it. Of course it’s highly pigmented, long lasting and matte finish (the majority of my lipsticks seem to be…) and it’s just perfect for something that little bit different. 


May your lipsticks always be bright,

Taelor x

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